Thursday, August 24, 2017

Name Hero is proud to announce a partnership with DropMySite to offer web hosting customers the ability to backup their website, emails, and databases with the click of a button. In addition, users can also monitor their website against Google's Safe Browsing list.

"We've been offering complimentary automated nightly backups for the last several years but have been looking for a solution for those that wish to retain a bit more data," said Name Hero's CEO Ryan Gray. "I'm really pleased to announce this partnership as it's going to help a lot of customers create a rolling archive of their data, and that makes me sleep better."

DropMySite securely backups up data automatically to their cloud and allows immediate access to the data directly from cPanel. Users have the ability to set the number of days retention and can restore single files or complete accounts with the click of a button.

Users also have the option to manually add other websites, emails, and databases securely from their online interface.

The DropMySite monitoring feature checks against Google's Safe Browsing list to ensure the website hasn't been infected with Malware. If Malware is detected or the list returns a hit, backups will be halted so the website can quickly be restored to the last clean version.

"This is where our complimentary nightly backups fail. If a website is infected with Malware, we automatically remove it, but since the backup system doesn't know, it's hard to determine exactly when the infection started. With DropMySite, we'll be able to isolate these incidents and provide a much easier restoration process to a clean website." Gray concluded.

DropMySite is offered as an add-on product to all new web hosting accounts starting at $1.99/per month. Name Hero will begin rolling out the feature to existing customers later this week. A full announcement and tutorial will be posted on their Startup Hero blog.

About DropMySite: Dropsuite is a Cloud based software platform that enables SMEs to easily backup, recover and protect their digital assets. We do this through a network of preferred reseller partners who have a combined customer reach of millions of small and medium-sized businesses worldwide.

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