We Stop Website Threats Before They Start

Being proactive with website security is the center piece of our proprietary Security Shield. From distributed denial of service attacks to brute force WordPress logins, our advanced web application firewall utilizes machine learning technology to detect and deter attacks in real time, before they happen.

With new attacks coming out daily, our technology is able to dynamically analyze data that matches critical indicators to help determine malicious behavior in real time. This allows for continued security hardening each day to ensure the highest level of threat protection.

Automated Real Time File Scanning

If your website has ever been infected with Malware it's likely you already know how frustrating and challenging it can be to get it removed (not to mention expensive). Our real-time malware scanner analyzes files as they're uploaded and stops potentially infected files before they get on your account.

Likewise, if you're moving over from another provider, our malware scanner routinely scans all existing files on your account to ensure they're safe and free of malware to ensure there are no hidden/unforeseen attacks to your website which could potentially compromise your business.

Software Patching And File Hardening

We love open source software, such as WordPress, but unfortunately some attackers use this as an advantage to tailor unique attacks towards your website. Therefore as new security holes are discovered, our Security Shield can identify if your website is effected and patch the issue automatically.

While it's always best to keep all the software on your website updated, we understand it's not always immediately possible as some updates may break other applications. Therefore our software patching simply deals with closing security loopholes and not forcing automated updates unless specifically enabled.

The Complete All In One Security Suite

Our Security Shield is not just a single piece of software, but rather a collection of tools that aim to provide the highest level of protection to your website.

Advanced Firewall

A dynamic firewall that continuously collects and analyzes data in real time to detect and prevent attacks.

Instruction Prevention

Intelligent brute force protection to stop attackers from gaining access to your website's files.

File Scanning & Patching

Update your files with automated malware scanning and removal without breaking your website.

Reputation Monitoring

Our Security Shield automatically compares data from Google's reputation database to ensure your website isn't flagged.

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