Web Hosting With 99.9% Website Uptime

What good is your website if it's offline?

Our team has been operating online businesses for over 20 years and we know just how much an hour of downtime can cost your business. Aside from being extremely frustrating downtime:

  • Decreases the value of your brand
  • Frustrates your current customers
  • Drives potential new business away
  • Decreases conversion rates
  • Decreases sales, leads, and other prospects

It's absurd some providers attempt to sell uptime as a "premium" feature when it should be the standard.

At NameHero we stand behind our commitment to provide a high-speed, reliable, and scalable web hosting service to individuals and small businesses that is easy and affordable, regardless the size of their website.

This all begins with uptime. Once again, what good is a fast website if it's offline?

99.9% Actual Website Uptime

The majority of web hosing providers will list 99.9% uptime in their marketing but if you read the fine print or examine SLA's you'll notice it's "network" or "server" uptime which essentially means the network connection never loses Internet connectivity or the server never has a full outage 99.9% of the time. This still means your actual website can be offline, which defeats the entire purpose.

At NameHero we provide web hosting services with 99.9% Website Uptime, meaning your website stays online 99.9% of the time. Not our servers. Not our network.

This is a bold claim that many providers are scared to stand behind. We are so serious about it, we publish third-party uptime monitoring reports annually to be fully transparent with our customers.

View Our Real-Time Public Network Status Page Here

Below you will find uptime charts for 2019 along with links to previous years:

Uptime For Jan - Dec 2019

Archived Uptime Reports

Use the links below to explore historical NameHero Uptime reports:

2018 Uptime Reports

2017 Uptime Reports

2016 Uptime Reports

How We Monitor For Uptime

Frequently customers will call BS on this claim, which given the track record of the web hosting industry, we understand! Therefore we feel it's important to not only disclose the above uptime reports, but to explain our monitoring process:

  • Our Proprietary Platform - The core of NameHero lies within our proprietary platform that was built specifically to handle high traffic websites that receive millions of monthly unique visitors. This was developed by our CEO and founder Ryan Gray for his own online businesses. NameHero was founded with this same platform modified to scale to individuals and small business. Because of this, we only use top-of-the-line hardware and partner with the best software vendors in the industry. We have invested millions of dollars (and continue to do so) in infrastructure and don't cut corners, putting people above profits.
  • NOC (network management center) Monitoring – To start, we have a dedicated 24x7x365 NOC monitoring team that watches our servers AND network constantly. Being their only job is to “monitor” this also includes proactive monitoring where they’re watching inbound network traffic to try and avoid an outage (such as when a DDOS attack maybe starting). Once an issue is identified they’re able to begin working towards resolution immediately. Most often issues are identified long before they cause an issue that’s visible to our customers. In the case that an issue does create a service disruption every effort possible is immediately taken. This even includes completely replacing server hardware in an instant (especially if the situation is severe).
  • Third Party Server Uptime Monitoring – We also use Pingdom as a third-party monitoring service where we setup a specific location on each server that is constantly pinged to see if it is available. When the ping fails to respond, we immediately get a notification (this also includes to my personal cell phone). Some prefer to wait a few minutes to see if it’s just a small network blurb, as sometimes it is, but we feel it’s best to immediately begin an investigation to minimize downtime, especially if it is a real issue.
  • Server Response Monitoring – Another key metric many web hosts fail to monitor (or wish not to) is server response time. For us, it’s very important to monitor how long it takes for a server to respond to a request. If a server begins to trend upward in response time, meaning it’s taking longer and longer to respond, then an outage could be coming. We closely monitor this to see if there is an underlying issue that maybe approaching. Given our Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting packages are on a “shared” infrastructure we also have to constantly evaluate server resources to see if more need to be made available.

Incident Handling

Even with the best hardware, the best software, and a militant monitoring process, it's inevitable issues are going to come up. I'm sure everyone reading this page has had the unfortunate task of repairing a computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Therefore another big part of our uptime is credited to our Superhero team and how incidents are handled.

With our three main levels of monitoring in place, when incidents arise, we promptly take action to begin resolving them.

As mentioned above, our entire network is monitored constantly, meaning we’re well aware of many issues prior to ever having an outage or when we do have an outage, we're made aware instantly.

Incidents that aren’t immediately causing an outage are scheduled during non-peak hours but are handled promptly.

Incidents that cause a complete outage, means "all hands on deck," they take priority over everything else. Even our CEO, Ryan, jumps right into action when such a case arises. He often jokes about the uptime alarm on his phone that plays an ear-ringing alarm. We do whatever it takes to bring a service back online.

Regardless the incident size, we also believe in transparency and flow of information to our customers. Our Network Status page inside our customer interface allows the ability to see what exactly is going on and how it is being dealt with.

Uptime Recognition

NameHero is proud to be setting the "new" uptime standard in the web hosting industry. If you doubt our claims, just ask any of our customers that have been with us. Additionally we've been recognized by some top names in the industry:

NameHero Ranked #1 Best WordPress Provider For 2020

WordPress expert Darrel Wilson conducted a 60-day test of the most known web hosting brands on his official YouTube channel where NameHero claimed the number 1 spot outranking SiteGround, A2Hosting, GreenGeeks, Hostpapa, FastComent, 1&1 Ionus, GoDaddy, Bluehost, TMDHosting, Media Temple, HostGator, iPage, and InMotion Hosting. You can read the official press release here.

Awarded HostAdvice's 99.9% Uptime Award:

HostAdvice, a leader in providing real web hosting reviews, anonymously signed up for NameHero to test our 99.9% Website Uptime claim. Their test website remained online 100% of the time during their 60-day-test. You can read the official press release here.

HostAdvice Great Uptime Award for NameHero.com

Hosting.Review Has 100% Uptime With NameHero

Hosting.Review signed up anonymously with NameHero and rated our performance as "great" after experiencing 100% Uptime with a 1.4 second load time on a 5.71MB website. You can read their review here.