Let Your Website Do Its Job

In a world full of mobile phones, tablets, and smart devices, people have unlimited options when it comes to buying products/services and obtaining information online. If your website isn't doing it's job, it won't take the prospect to move along to the next option.

At NameHero we know how important it is to have your website load lightening fast and stay online 24x7x365.

Affordable High Speed Web Hosting For All Websites

Started by a seasoned group of Internet Entrepreneurs, we developed our private cloud to provide an extremely high-speed, reliable, secure, and scalable environment that is affordable for websites of all sizes. Rather you're wanting to host your personal blog, small business website, or eCommerce store front accepting thousands of orders, we have a package built especially for you.

We Put People Above Profits

Many of our competitors want you to believe you're buying "premium hosting" but are simply using popular buzzwords such as "Managed" to get you to shell out hundreds of unnecessary dollars for web hosting.

At NameHero we put people above profits and offer a web hosting solution built off transparency and trust.

What Makes NameHero Web Hosting Different?

Unlike many of the "big hosting" brands out there, we have built our entire web hosting platform using top of the line hardware and software. We also don't use traditional old school dedicated servers, rather our entire infrastructure is built in the cloud giving us the ability to scale resources on demand.

100% True Cloud Web Hosting

All web hosting services provided by NameHero are deployed on our high speed cloud designed for optimal performance, supreme reliability, and ultimate scalability.

99.9% Uptime

The Internet never closes and just a single minute of downtime can cost your business not only revenue but reputation. Since 2015, we've provided 99.9% website uptime!

SSD/NVMe Web Hosting

Your website deserves the best. Our cloud has been built using top-of-the line hardware and we're constantly optimizing and upgrading.

LiteSpeed Web Hosting

All of our web hosting packages utilize the LiteSpeed web server 100% free, which is up to 20x faster than traditional Apache.


A database is what powers most websites, specifically those using WordPress. We've made specific optimizations to ensure blazing fast database calls/reliability.

Affordable Web Hosting

One of our core goals from the very beginning was to provide an extraordinary premium web hosting service at an affordable rate.

Web Hosting Features You Need

There is nothing worse than getting your web hosting package purchased only to find you need to add endless amounts of add-ons to perfect your website. We believe everything you need should be included in the price of our packages:

Free SSL (https)

Secure your website, protect your data, and have your visitors browse with confidence. 100% free and automatic SSL, no complicated configurations required.

Free Quic.Cloud

Boost your website performance up to 200% with free Quic.Cloud integration. Developed by LiteSpeed, utilize their high performance CDN and object caching.

Nightly Backups

Sleep sound knowing your website is backed up offsite nightly (and weekly) automatically. Easily restore files, emails, and more in cPanel.

Multiple Versions of PHP

Easily select a specific version of PHP for your website/application and modify limits to meet your unique requirements. 100% secured and easy to use.

Benefits Of Cloud Web Hosting

Regardless how small or large your web hosting needs are, our Cloud Web Hosting platform will allow you to be able to deliver your services with ease.

Add Resources Instantly

Additional resources can instantly be added to your account from right inside our client interface by upgrading to the next package. We specify the exact number of CPU cores and RAM your website will have access too.

In addition to resources, our cloud will provide you the redundancy and security you need to keep your website online 24x7x365.

Affordable Optimized Cloud

Our cloud has been optimized specifically for some of the most popular content management systems including WordPress. We also do nightly Malware scanning and removal to ensure your website isn't penetrated or exploited.

Finally, we believe you shouldn't have to pay hundreds of dollars a month to have access to this technology. All of our packages are affordable for both businesses and individuals!

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