• Monday, May 15, 2017

Kansas City, Missouri - Name Hero is proud to announce premium Distributed Denial Of Service Attack (DDoS) protection for all Shared, Reseller, and VPS customers effective immediately, 100% free of charge. Attacks 250 Mbps to 2 Gbps will be automatically mitigated but because attacks continue to grow in both frequency and size (the average is now 4 Gbps) we've incorporated technologies from industry leaders such as Arbor and Corero to provide comprehensive mitigation of larger, sophisticated attacks.

"Keeping our customers online 24/7/365 is our biggest priority at NameHero.  DDoS attacks can have a major impact on websites of any size; therefore we're taking every proactive measure we can to ensure complete protection." said Name Hero's CEO Ryan Gray. 

The new protection monitors all network traffic (not just web traffic) at the border layer of the network, in real time.  At this layer, analytics are used as well as a customer Threat Detection System to intelligently and proactively identify attacks before the reach any critical layer of the infrastructure. 

When detected, any malicious traffic is scrubbed and separated from all other traffic prior to being mitigated by countermeasures, tailored specifically to the type of attack that has been identified.  Specialized hardware ensures that all legitimate traffic proceeds directly, unimpeded, to our customers throughout the duration of the attack.

"This is the type of stuff that keeps me up at night, but I feel confident in our new protection and highly encourage our Resellers to offer this as a major selling point to their customers."  Gray concluded. 

Attacks of any size, layer 4, layer 7, are covered with Name Hero's new DDOS Mitigation.  No action is required on the customer end. 

Founded in 2015, Name Hero has quickly risen to become the leader in Reseller Hosting as well as a top Cloud Hosting provider.  Name Hero touts their aggressive pricing along with feature-rich packages, blazing fast network, and 100 customer satisfaction NPS. More details about Name Hero can be read on their official blog