One of our most popular features we offer with all of our accounts here at NameHero is our direct integration with Cloudflare.

Cloudflare speeds up and protects millions of websites, APIs, SaaS services, and other properties connected to the Internet by focusing on performance, security, reliability, and network insight.

I’ve personally been using it on my websites since they got started in 2010 and I’ve had nothing but a positive experience.  At Name Hero, customers have a couple different integration options:

  • Full Integration – You use Cloudflare’s name servers
  • Partial Integration – You use Name Hero’s or your Reseller name servers

Full Integration

A full integration with Cloudflare means you allow them to control your DNS records.  To set this up, you have to go directly to, signup for a free account, and update your name servers to Cloudflare’s.

You can then manage your account inside of your cPanel account at Name Hero by logging into cPanel -> Cloudflare:

A full integration enables Cloudflare across your domain and on your subdomains, you just have to ensure you click “On” in the Use Cloudflare column (click on the Domains icon).

Partial Integration (no longer offered by Cloudflare)

A partial integration with Cloudflare means you still control your DNS records inside of cPanel and you use Name Hero’s name servers or your Private Reseller name servers (free with all Reseller accounts).

The main different with a partial integration is Cloudflare is you have to use corresponding CNAMEs to the Cloudflare service (that are automatically created).

To set this up, you simply login to your cPanel account at Name Hero, navigate to Cloudflare then create your account.  You’ll then be able to manage your domain from directly inside cPanel:

The main difference between a Partial and Full Integration is the ability to use SSL on services such as cPanel, Web Host Manager, or Webmail.

At Name Hero, the partial integration is by far the most popular, especially amongst Resellers who enjoy using their private name servers.

Cloudflare Railgun

Regardless the integration you choose to use, we also offer Cloudflare’s Railgun technology on all Shared and Reseller accounts free of charge (as well as VPS with at least 8GB of RAM).

In the full integration screenshot above, you’ll see you can enable it from the main dashboard.  On a partial integration you have to click on the Performance icon and then enable it.

If you were to purchase this alone on you would have to have their business account which starts at $200/month. Learn how Cloudflare Railgun can help increase your website’s speed up to 200%!

Cloudflare Extras

If you want to increase your website’s performance even more, you can add some of Cloudflare’s paid extras such as Argo.

Regardless, you’re still going to receive a lot of benefits from integrating with Cloudflare that will help speed up and protect your website.  I personally recommend using them regardless the size of your website!

If you have any trouble getting your website integrated with Cloudflare using Name Hero, feel free to hit us up, it’d be our pleasure to assist!

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