Recently I was working on a project where I used G Suite for my primary domain but needed server-side email functionality for a script I was running.

To accomplish this, I simply setup a couple of email addresses on a sub domain.

This is also the perfect solution for those of you wanting to install WHMCS on a sub domain (i.e. so you can pipe support and sales request right into the WHMCS sales desk all while retaining your same email settings on your primary domain.

Setup As Sub Domain In cPanel

For those of you using our Basic Web Hosting, you have to setup the sub domain inside of cPanel.

If you’re just using the sub domain for email, this is a fine practice and it’s extremely easy as long as you’re using our local DNS.

If you’re using a third-party DNS provider such as Cloudflare, you’ll have to make sure you add the proper DNS entries, but our support team can help with that as well.

To setup, simply navigate to cPanel -> Subdomains -> Add the sub domain then navigate over to cPanel -> Email Accounts to setup individual email addresses.

Setup As A Separate cPanel Account

If you have a reseller hosting package, it might make more sense to create the sub domain as its separate cPanel account.

If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, then you know I like to setup separate cPanel accounts for various reasons, but mainly because this “resets” the limitations on the server (meaning it can use more RAM and memory).

This is also the safest way to go about adding additional domains/sub domains.

To setup, simply navigate to Web Host Manager -> Create A New Account.

Rather than using a domain, enter the subdomain (i.e. and use the password generator to create a strong one.  Once added, login to cPanel -> Email Accounts and create the address needed.

As long as you’re using Name Hero’s name servers or your Reseller name servers, then you will be all set to begin sending and receiving email immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our team via phone, live chat, or our ticket system!

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