Name Hero offers DNS Host Record Management for all domains registered with us.  For those that do not have web hosting with us, this is a great way to point your domain name to your web host with our reliable system.  You can also use our DNS Host Record Management to forward your domain name to your existing website.

To get started with DNS Host Record Manage you simply enable it during the order process or from the client portal.  Once enabled, you want to check and make sure you're using the correct name servers.  They should be:
Name Hero Name Servers

Please note, it may take up to 24 hours for these to fully propagate once you change them.  If you live in the United States it typically takes a couple of hours, but International customers may need to wait a full day to be sure.

Once you have confirmed your name servers are set, you are then ready to manage your host records.  You do this by clicking on the Manage link in the client portal:

Manage DNS

Here are some of the most common DNS host records:

Please note: * and @ are used as Host Name wildcards

Redirect To Another Domain:Forward Website

Point To Your Web Host:
Point To Web Host



Setup Google Apps For Mail:

Setup Google Apps Gmail

Setup Sub Domain:

Setup Sub Domain

If you need any help setting up your DNS Host Records, please feel free to ask in the comments below or submit a help desk ticket to have our Superhero team assist!

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