NameHero has become a leader in WordPress hosting with thousands of domains currently on our platform.

One of the most asked questions is how to setup hosting for multiple domains that use WordPress.

Using our auto installer, customers without any programming or Internet knowledge are able to setup and install WordPress in under five minutes:

How To Setup Unlimited WordPress Hosting:

  1. Navigate to our Basic Cloud Hosting packages
  2. Select your datacenter (US or Europe)
  3. Select the Plus or Business package
  4. Complete your payment
  5. Check your domains to ensure they have the correct Name Servers (i.e., ns4,
  6. Login to cPanel from the Client Portal
  7. Scroll towards the bottom of the page, click on WordPress
  8. Click Install and follow the directions on the screen
  9. Repeat the pervious steps until all of your domains are setup

Feel free to ask any questions below or submit a ticket to have our support team setup your websites for you!

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