How To Make Money Reselling Web Hosting

We host a lot of Resellers here at NameHero!

Since launching our Reseller Cloud a year and a half ago, we have gained the trust of over 5,000 different businesses (and growing).

While we're far from being the size of Host Gator or Bluehost, we strive to offer our customers a reliable, secure, and scaleable cloud hosting environment that can allow them to run their businesses with ease at the highest level of probability.

When our Resellers have a problem, we know that trickles down to their business, and could effect their reputation.  Therefore we take great pride in offering the highest level of customer support possible combined with an infrastructure that stays online and runs seamlessly.

We also understand that we're only as successful as our customers.  If their customers aren't happy, they're not going to be happy, and we're not going to be around for long!

Web Hosting is a VERY lucrative industry, because people are always going to need it as they come online.

While the United States market maybe crowded with competition, other countries around the global are just now gaining consistent Internet access, presenting a whole other opportunity for massive growth.

Some of our largest Resellers are prevailing businesses in Africa, Uruguay, Mexico, Singapore, etc.

Our friends over at IncomeBully also published an Awesome Bluehost & HostGator Alternative: NameHero Hosting Review!

Enough tooting our horn here, the bottom line is we WANT you to make money with your web hosting business.

With all of this, we've decided to expand training our Resellers, to ensure them the best experience possible.

If you're thinking about getting started in the industry or already have an established web hosting business, we invite you to check out our new guide titled, Resell Hero: The Quick Start Guide To Making Money Reselling Web Hosting.

This "quick start" guide details the entire Reseller Web Hosting process from account setup to business management.  I share some of my own thoughts on how we built NameHero and the software / culture we live by.

Best of all, this guide is 100% free of charge, we just ask for your name and email so we can keep you updated as we continue developing it.  Feel free to share it with all your friends, family, and others that are interested in joining the industry.

Together, we can all make awesome things happen!

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