Web Hosting packages are what you're going to be offering your customers.  You will want to take some time to decide how much you want to charge them based on your target audience.

First, you want to consider how many resources they're going to be using.  If you're primarily hosting a lot of local websites that don't care too much about getting a lot of traffic, using lots of email space, etc. then you can offer them very cost-effective packages for under $5 or so a month.

However, if your customers require resources to handle more than 100 visitors or so a day along with multiple email accounts, you probably want to charge a bit more.  On average, web developers will start around $20 - $50 a month and include sometime of monthly management fee.  This includes minor site updates, SEO tweaks, email account setup, etc.

With all of this, you should consider the reseller web hosting package that you have purchased.  If you already have a client-base and have went with our Corporate plan at NameHero, it's most-likely you're going to be able to charge more right out of the gate since you already have your customer's trust.

If you're just getting started, you're going to have to examine the niche you're targeting a be a bit more competitive.  For example, if you're targeting individuals that want to start their own blog where they can discuss their "hobbies" or other interests, you would want to charge around the $10/month range.

Once you have decided your pricing, it's super easy to add these packages to Web Host Manager:

  1. Login to the NameHero control panel
  2. Click on Cloud Web Hosting
  3. Click on your reseller hosting package
  4. Click Login to WHM
  5. Click 'Add a Package' on the left sidebar
  6. Give the package a name (i.e. Starter, Basic, Full, etc.)
  7. Define a disk and bandwidth quota (important: if you want to offer your customers "unlimited" disk space and/or bandwidth, it is possible to "oversell" your resources at NameHero, but you need to define a value.  You should input a number such as 999,999,9999 rather than choosing 'Unlimited' because how WHM is designed.
  8. Fill out the other values based on your needs and click Add

Once your package has been added to Web Host Manager you're all set to begin adding your customers.  If you're using an automated solution such as WHMCS you can input these values into that system and it will automatically provision accounts after successful payment (if you configure it that way).  If not, you can simply add the accounts manually inside of Web Host Manager and select the package during this process.

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