Everyone that needs a website needs a domain name.  The two go together better than peanut butter and jelly!

Because of this, each NameHero reseller account, automatically comes with an eNom domain reseller account. Enom is one of the biggest domain name registrars and is who we use to register domains at NameHero.  To get access to your free account you just need to submit a ticket after signing up to NameHero and let our team know you're wanting to set this up.  Immediately, they'll collect all the details they need and get it online for you.

If you're using an automated billing system such as WHMCS we already have a complete video tutorial on how to configure and set this up for your business.

It's important that you price domains to where you're going to make a profit.  Even though you get a free domain reseller-account there is a cost involved in every domain registration (to cover ICANN and other fees).  I always recommend making your "retail" prices 20% more than what you're paying.  Depending on when you signup for your account, this equals out to a couple dollars of profit per domain.

While you're not going to get rich "reselling domains" you will gain something much more valuable than money - and that's a customer's trust.  Once you have them trusting you enough to where they register their domains, it's highly likely they'll also buy other services from you such as web hosting.

In our first year of business at NameHero we registered over 100,000 domains!  While this wasn't a ton of profit, it was one of the catalyst behind our massive growth, as we gained trust amongst thousands of companies, entrepreneurs, and other individuals that needed a domain.


The web hosting industry is fierce with competition.  I still wakeup each day and feel like I'm putting on my "battle armor" to see how I'm going to compete against multi-billion dollar corporations.

One of the simplest ways to making a lot more profit is by up-selling your customers.

Now forget what you know about "forced" up-selling or even "annoying" product marketing.

You want to up-sell your customers something of high value that gives them a major benefit to purchase from you.

Here at NameHero, we developed our own domain privacy protection company called WhoisHero.  Whenever someone purchases a domain name from us, they can add our WhoisHero protection, and it will mask their real name, address, and email address from publish Whois look-ups.

Any email or mail sent to the "cloaked" or masked address, will automatically forward to them.  We sell this service for an additional $2.98/year.

We also sell hundreds of SSL certificatesdedicated IP addresses, and blocks of additional storage each week.  Some companies go even further and will provide SEO consultation or offer to build their website.

I highly recommend that every web host comes up with some type of unique product up-sell to offer their customers.  This allows you to offer your web hosting at a lower rate and make-up the difference with a service that is little to no cost to you.

Those of you that use WHMCS can easily add product add-ons that are displayed throughout the checkout process.  Your imagination is your best friend here, think long and hard about what you could additionally offer your customers.

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