With hackers constantly on the prowl it's absolutely essential to use a secure SSL certificate on your website (i.e. https).

This not only protects your logins when accessing secure areas (such as your WordPress admin) it also helps protect your customer's data and information when they're completing transactions.

Since Google announced over two years ago that they would start giving priority to websites in their search results that use HTTPs, many webmasters have followed suit and set it up for their website.

Unfortunately, some just getting started find this a bit confusing.

In years past, you would have to first find a SSL provider, order a certificate, generate your secure key(s), obtain a dedicated IP address, install the certificate, etc.

I admit - it was a huge pain in the butt - so why mess with something that's not broken!

At NameHero, we've decided to make this easy and free for all customers including those who Resell our web hosting.

Through a direct partnership with Let's Encrypt, all websites on our servers are automatically provisioned, including subdomains!

Multiple times a day, all websites are scanned and checked to ensure they have an active and valid certificate installed.  If not, the system automatically generates and installs it.

Therefore, to secure your WordPress website, you just have to change the way your URLs are setup in the settings.

To demonstrate this, I've recorded the following video:

Please note, if you're a brand new customer, you may need to wait a few hours or you can have us manually run the SSL module by submitting a new ticket!

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions!

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