Many of our customers love using Cloudflare for their DNS to help protect their website against DDOS attacks as well as speeding up their page-load.

With our free and automatic SSL, customers don't have to worry about upgrading their Cloudflare accounts to "Pro" and can setup everything right inside of cPanel.

We also provide the Cloudflare Railgun (a $200/mo value) for free!

Cloudflare touts the following benefits:

Cloudflare Benefits

  • DD0S Protection - Our enterprise-class DDoS protection network has 20 times more capacity than the largest DDoS attack ever recorded. Operating at the network edge, it protects against all forms of DDoS attacks.
  • WAF - Our web application firewall benefits from the collective intelligence of our entire network. When we identify a new threat from one website, we can automatically block it from the other 4,000,000 websites on our network.
  • Traffic Control - Traffic Control gives you granular controls to detect bad traffic, customized rulesets to ensure that your legitimate visitors are not impacted, and insights to improve your security posture as attacks evolve.
  • CDN - Moving content physically closer to visitors with our CDN is one of easiest way to improve the performance of your website and reduce load on your web servers.
  • Website Optimization - Cloudflare lets you automatically enable the latest in web technologies. Our web optimization features cover everything from mobile image optimization to aggressive GZIP and HTTP/2.
  • DNS - Cloudflare is one of the fastest managed DNS providers in the world. The same 100 data center network that powers our CDN dramatically speeds up domain resolution for your website’s visitors.

How To Enable Cloudflare

We've partnered with Cloudflare to make the integration with your website as simple as possible.  All of our Resellers also have the option to integrate their clients directly.

I've filmed a brief video tutorial (under 7 minutes) that shows how quick and easy this process is:

  1. Login to NameHero
  2. Click Your Hosting Package
  3. Login to cPanel
  4. Click on Cloudflare
  5. Register New Account or Login to Cloudflare
  6. Activate Domain

Cloudflare Troubleshooting

If you previously used our free and automatic SSL your certificate may given an error until it's re-issued.  For immediate assistance, log a new ticket and include your login.

Since Cloudflare automatically enables caching you may notice changes to your site aren't immediately visible.  Enable "development mode" when working on your website or changes to the design.

Also checkout Cloudflare support for more details on troubleshooting.

Feel free to let us know if we can help further!

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