I'll never forget my first dedicated server.

It was December of 1999 and I was wanting more power to my website and room to host customers.

Here's what the specs looked like (kudos to archive.org):

° Intel Pentium 233 MHZ
° 32 MB RAM
° 4.3GB HD
° 20 IPs
° 5 GB traffic (a/k/a bandwidth)
° and much more ...

All for $295/Setup fee and $99/Month.

To a 14-year-old just getting started online, this was quite the commitment ($1200/year), but I was bound and determined to make it work.

Long story short, this was the birth of my first web hosting company.

Before Cloud VPS Hosting

The frustrating thing about the entire "setup" process was not only I had to pay $250, it took them about a week to get it online.

My provider, Dialtone Internet, had to physically build the server, install the OS, and connect it to their network.  I remember being extremely anxious to get it online so I could get on with my business.

Nearly two decades later, a lot has changed, much credit to the innovation of cloud computing.

VPS Resources On Demand

Here in 2017 we can spin up a VPS with a couple of clicks and scale the RAM and disk space on demand.

No longer do we have to physically build out servers and wait a week or two for them to be ready to accept customers.

Here at Name Hero, all of our hosting packages are built on top of our cloud, including our VPS servers.

While our basic Web Hosting & Reseller Hosting accounts are very good options for WordPress and other websites with 5,000 or less daily unique visitors, our VPS hosting can be very beneficial for those needing more power.

15 Minute VPS Hosting Setup

To show just how quick and easy the setup is, I've filmed a video showing everything from picking out the server, to registering the name servers, and setting up your first website with WordPress.

The entire process takes exactly 21:45 with some of that being me ramble on about the techie details.  Take a look for yourself:

My brother runs his WordPress website on a Hero 32GB SSD and he averages around 45,000 - 55,000 daily unique visitors.  It runs smooth as silk!

If you're looking for rock solid, VPS Hosting with full WordPress support, give us a try and let's see if we can't make a difference!

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