How To Cancel A Product Or Service

We're sorry to see you're wanting to cancel your account at NameHero! 

We strive for 10/10 customer service and satisfaction so if there is anything at all we can do to help retain your business, please do let us know.  Additionally you may reach out directly to our CEO ryan [at] with any concerns, doubts, or feedback you may have.

Cancelling A Product Or Service

You can cancel a product or service inside your NameHero account at anytime.  Prior to doing so, please keep in mind our Refund and Payment Policy.

To cancel a product or service follow these steps:

1. Login to the NameHero Client Portal

2. From the dashboard, click on Cloud Web Hosting to view your active services:

Active Services

3. Click on the product or service you wish to cancel:

Active Product Or Service

4. Click Request Cancellation under Actions on the side menu:

Request Cancellation Link

5. Complete the cancellation request form:

Cancellation Request Form

  • Form fields:
    • Reason: Please type a few words explaining why you wish to cancel (i.e. no longer in business, upgraded, etc.)
    • Cancel Domain Renewal (optional): If you service has a domain registration associated with it, this option allows you the option to also cancel the auto renewal on the domain.  If you wish to keep the domain, do not check this box.
    • Cancellation Type: Select Immediate to have your product or service cancelled immediately.  Select End of Billing Period to have your product or service cancelled when the next invoice generates for renewal. 

6. Click Request Cancellation to complete your request.

Warning: Once this is completed your product or service will terminate per your requested cancellation type which will remove all data and files associated with your product or service. Please contact us immediately if you wish to withdrawal your cancellation request but please note we cannot guarantee the restoration of your data and you may incur additional charges to restore from backups. 

Please note: If your account was setup within the last 30 days, and you would like to request a refund, you will need to then complete that request here. These requests are processed in accordance with our Payment Policy

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