Reseller Hosting 101: How To Start Your Own Web Hosting Business

I’ve been pulling some long days here at NameHero HQ working on our new training center!

While our blog and YouTube channel have been fantastic outlets to help train our customers / potential customers, we’ve decided to launch a course section of Startup Hero.

My first course is titled Reseller Hosting 101 and covers everything from A to Z to becoming a successful web host.

The best part: enrollment is 100% free of charge to anyone and everyone willing to get started making money reselling web hosting.

Reseller Hosting 101 Course Curriculum

  • Course Outline
  • Course Introduction
  • What Is Reseller Hosting?
  • How To Make Money
  • Reseller Hosting Packages
  • How To Determine Your Niche
  • How To Setup Your Reseller Account With Private Name Servers
  • What Is WHMCS?
  • How To Install WHMCS In 5 Minutes
  • How To Configure WHMCS
  • How To Setup Web Hosting Packages
  • How To Build A Professional Web Hosting Website Using WordPress
  • Moving Forward: Advertising & Marketing, The Key To Success, More
  • What Is Reseller Hosting Slides
  • How To Make Money Hosting Slides
  • Reseller Host Packages Slides
  • How To Determine Your Niche Slides
  • Moving Forward Slides
  • Bonus: Resell Hero eBook

You’ll find nearly three hours of video tutorials along with slides and even my Resell Hero eBook as an added bonus!

In my opinion, there is no other Reseller Hosting course available for free on the Internet anywhere.

Reseller Hosting 101 Course Preview

Click Here To Enroll 100% Free Of Charge

Enrollment is 100% free of charge for the first 200 students.  After that, we’ll be pulling back so we can keep our group to a manageable size.

If you’re interested in making money (or making more money) with Reseller Hosting – make sure to sign-up today!

This is one of many courses that are yet to come so stay tuned to our blog for the latest!

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