I love learning about our Resellers and their businesses!

Last week I had a conversation with a potential new Reseller and we were talking about Reselling G Suite to his customers.

As I’ve posted about before, shared hosting can be quite the challenge sometimesfor clients with high email demands.

It only makes sense to offer them the ability to sign-up with G Suite through your hosting business.

While obviously they could go direct with Google, a lot of customers want everything in one place, and want it setup along with their website.

Especially if you’re developing / maintaining your customer’s website, G Suite is another way you can add recurring revenue to your business, along with Reselling hosting.

G Suite Partner Program

Google has launched a partner program that provides discounted pricing, API access, and monthly invoicing to allow you to bill your customers directly.

The only downfall is the application process can “take a few weeks to complete.”  Google first requires that you have a paid G Suite account (and not a legacy free one) and then they want you to sell 100 G Suite licenses.

Once all of that is completed, you have to pass a business credit check and anti-bribery due diligence evaluation.  Google doesn’t mess around!

Form a business standpoint, I understand them making it challenging, they want serious businesses that are going to help add value and new customers consistently to their platform.  They’re not really looking for people that are going to add a couple of clients a month.

Reselling G Suite With Enom

If you’re not ready to go direct with Google’s Partner Program, you can begin reselling immediately with your complimentary Enom Reseller account that comes with our Corporate Reseller package (for free).

Last year, I was part of a beta-testing group that helped Enom integrate directly with G Suite where Resellers can simply use their WHMCS plugin to offer it to their customers.

I personally believe this is the easiest and fastest way to begin offering G Suite to your customers.  They offer discounted pricing and the WHMCS integration takes care of the entire setup.

Configuring WHMCS to Resell G Suite

Most of our Resellers buy our Corporate package because it comes with a complimentary Plus license to WHMCS (a $18.95/mo value).

As long as you have that license and WHMCS installed, you just have to install the Enom G Suite plugin and configure some options to begin offering it to your customers.

While we cannot provide “official support” for their module (since we didn’t develop it), I’ve decided to film a video tutorial how you go about integrating:

How To Resell G Suite

  1. Have your Enom Reseller account setup
  2. WHMCS installed and functioning
  3. Install Enom’s WHMCS plugin (get from Enom)
  4. Configure server options / products

Once all of this is completed, you can simply resell G Suite through your Enom account!  It will use your existing funds when customer’s place an order and automatically rebill each month!

As stated, we cannot “officially” offer support, but we can try our best to make sure you’re able to get things setup.  Feel free to ask any questions / concerns below!

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