How To Host Unlimited Customers

A lot of Reseller Hosting providers limit the number of cPanel accounts you can create.

At Name Hero we allow you to create unlimited cPanel accounts as long as you stay within your disk space and bandwidth limits.  We also allow overselling, meaning you can sale more space/bandwidth than you’ve purchased.

Why We Don’t Limit cPanel Accounts

If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, you know I don’t like people cramming an unlimited number of “add-on” domains into one cPanel account.

This is acceptable if you have multiple “small” websites for one business, but not a good practice if you’re trying to host separate clients all in one cPanel.

There are two main reasons for this:

  1. Performance – We limit CPU, RAM, memory, Inodes, etc. based on cPanel account (read all our limits here). You’re putting yourself at a severe disadvantage by putting hosting everything in one cPanel as they’ll have to fight for the same resources.  While if you create a separate cPanel, it’ll have its own resources to use.
  2. Security – It only takes ONE outdated WordPress plugin or template file to cause a lot of problems for your site.  If you’re just hosting ONE WordPress website per cPanel it’s a lot more secure than hosting multiple.  Especially if you’re like me and are bad about applying updates frequently!

Our Reseller Hosting Limits

Each one of our Reseller hosting packages is limited to the amount of disk space and bandwidth that you actually use.

So let’s say you have our Corporate Reseller package.  You can host as many cPanel accounts as you’d like until you reach 100GB of disk space usage.

The “average” basic WordPress website is around 600 – 800MB therefore it’s pretty safe to assume you can handle about 70 – 100 clients on this package.

I Recommend 50 Accounts Per Package

While you’re completely allowed to go above this since we don’t limit the number of cPanel accounts, I still recommend that you only host 50 cPanels per Corporate Reseller package.


Growth and Redundancy!

Let’s say you’re offering your customers “unlimited” disk space.  While you’re know the average WordPress website is going to be around 1GB (let’s just round up), you want to allow them a cushion for growth.  Nothing will kill your business faster in this industry if you go completely overboard overselling your resources.

While overselling is necessary to remain competitive, you want to do it within a certain limit.

If you have 100’s of customers you wouldn’t want them all on one Reseller package.

While this is extremely rare at Name Hero, what happens if we would have a server outage on your package?

Having ALL of your clients go offline at once would probably create quite the support headache!  It’s much smarter to have a couple of Reseller packages and diversify.

Making The Most ROI

I understand we all want to make the highest ROI percentage when running our businesses.  But you want to be smart about it.

If you’re paying $19.77/mo for our Corporate Reseller package how many monthly hosting clients do you have to have for 100% ROI?

Well, if your average package is $5.95/month then you only need about 7. 

So even if you want to get greedy and go to 500% ROI, you would only need about 35 customers.  At this point wouldn’t it be a “safer bet” to order a second reseller account to allow for growth and add extra redundancy.

Unlimited Reseller Hosting

We want to be your Reseller hosting partner and provide the best unlimited experience as possible, but as I said we want to make sure you use this correctly for your business.

If you have any questions or would like to personally discuss with me before signing up, just reach out via our Sales desk.

In the meantime, enjoy our hosting packages and growing your business with Name Hero!

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