I swear it seems like yesterday I wrote our July wrap-up!

They always say time flies when you're having fun and that is certainly true with us here at Name Hero; we love what we do! 

Growing up, August was always one of my least favorite months as it meant I had to go back to school and had to considerably scale back my time online.  Nowadays as a parent, I enjoy the kids being back in school, and everyone back in a productive routine. 

Historically June, July, and August have always been slow for the web hosting industry as people are more focused on relaxing and vacation rather than setting up and migrating web hosts.  Who can blame them?! 

With that said, we continued to experience a good bit of growth here at Name Hero.  I credit much of this to our vigorous advertising and marketing we've been doing over the last six months.  With fall getting started; we're also gearing up to really push things to the next level through the end of the year. 

Summer Sizzler Ending This Month

I also credit a lot of our new customers to our Summer Sizzler pricing.  

As I've stated throughout our blog, we price our packages based on supply and demand.  When the demand is lower, we relax the pricing a bit to reward customers who decide to come on board.

With summer officially ending on Friday, September 22nd, it'll also be the final day for our Summer Sizzler promotion.  If you haven't taken advantage of this sale, you'll certainly want to do so before it's over.  Even if it's just to register a cheap domain; you're going to save pretty big! 

I typed a blog post up last week with a recap of all the active specials.

WordPress Reseller Hosting Guide

Managed WordPress Hosting has a ton of buzz right now throughout the industry therefore I decided to type up a massive guide on how you can leverage our Reseller Hosting services here to offer this to your customers.

The Complete Guide To Making Money With WordPress & Reseller Hosting In 2017

Rather you're a WordPress developer, current reseller, and an Entrepreneur looking for additional revenue streams, I wrote this guide in a step-by-step manner that will help you every step of the way regardless of your experience.

I specifically go into detail on how to start marketing your business without using lots of capital as it seems that's where a lot of newcomers seem to hit a brick wall; they can't afford the advertising.  I completely relate and understand as the web hosting industry is packed with competition, but that's just because the amount of money on the table.

cPanel Conference This Month

I'm going to personally be attending this year's cPanel conference in Fort Lauderdale September 26th - 27th.

If you're going to be in town, feel free to reach out to schedule a meeting.  I've got a pretty tight schedule but have a couple 15-minute time slots open. 

I'm looking forward to seeing the entire team at cPanel and hearing about all the new stuff they're working on.  I also look forward to meeting with several of our vendors that have helped catapult our growth through their amazing products and services! 

New Affiliate Program Coming

I've been cursed out a couple of times over the last month for not accepting new affiliates to our program.

Unfortunately our growth has brought out some bad actors that are doing some black hat marketing that has caused us to put a pause on all new affiliates coming in the door.

Many don't realize I used to own a very popular affiliate network prior to starting Name Hero.  I know all the tricks of the trade including how far people will go to submit fraudulent transactions.  

In the coming months we're going to be re-launching the program but it will ONLY be open to CURRENT & ACTIVE hosting customers.  I know this seems unfair and it may be.  But that's one way I can eliminate a huge portion of those that are in it for ill-gain. 

Thank You All! 

With all of that said, I want to thank you all for being amazing customers! 

I absolutely love reading your reviews on Shopper Approved as well as the feedback from our Support Desk.  

Shopper Approved actually awarded us their 100+ five-star award this month which we look at as a tremendous milestone!  We look forward to increasing this tenfold! 

Until next time, have an excellent September! 

 Tuesday, September 5, 2017

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