• Monday, August 9, 2021

I hope you all are having an excellent summer!

As back-to-school comes near, fall is just around the corner. In the web hosting industry this is the beginning of our "busy season" as people are returning from vacations, college is back in session, etc.

For us here at NameHero, we have many announcements:

Launch Of KCDC

You may have noticed, I've been pretty quiet on YouTube, our Blog, as well as in your inbox. This is because I've been knees deep in the development and deployment of our privately owned data center in Kansas City, Missouri.

This is a new era for us as we'll begin immediately expanding our service offerings with even more affordable pricing. Specifically, we're revamping our entire Managed Cloud offerings, and will soon offer more Operating System choices as well as even lower priced Virtual Private Server packages.

Additionally we are deploying new Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting servers to include an additional layer of physical high availability. This means, all physical servers that make up these subsections of our private cloud will be 100% replicated in real time. Our goal is to aim for 99.99999% availability, a measure unheard of in the shared hosting industry. While we've always prided ourselves in offering 99.9% uptime year-over-year, we're now taking it one step further.

More information on the launch of KCDC can be read here.

.COM Price Increase

Verisign, the registry of .COM, has announced a 7% price increase on all new and existing domain names. They have been approved to conduct this increase each year for the next decade+.

While this is very unfortunate, it is completely out of NameHero's control.

Because of this, we will unfortunately have to modify our prices from $12.98 a year to $13.98 a year, starting September 1st, 2021.

You can immediately save on this by renewing your .COM domain prior to September 1st. After then, all .COM's will be updated in our system to reflect the new pricing.

Affiliate Program

As NameHero has grown to become the Web Hosting industry leader, our Affiliate Program has grown with it. We're now paying out over $XXX,XXX+ a month to our valued partners.

Because of this exponential growth, we have slowed the approval process down, in order to allow our program to expand in an orderly fashion.

If you have applied for our affiliate program, and have not yet heard back, I kindly ask you to remain patient as we're getting through applications as quickly as possible.

Dogecoin Now Accepted

NameHero was one of the first web hosting companies to begin accepting Crypto Currency back in early 2015. Earlier this summer, we were able to work with our Merchant Provider Coinbase, to begin accepting Dogecoin.

You are not required to have a Coinbase account, any valid Dogecoin wallet can send payments to us in real time.

HTTP/3 Now Enabled On Every Server

If you haven't already, you can upgrade your website to use HTTP/3 and achieve even faster load times.

I filmed a step-by-step video tutorial on our Official YouTube Channel to explain exactly how to do so.

Thank YOU All!

NameHero would not be where we are today without your loyal support, feedback, and continued business.

On behalf of myself and our entire team, we greatly thank you for choosing us as your web hosting service provider.

We work each day to serve you just like we wish to be served. We hope to continue earning your trust each day and look forward to forming even stronger partnerships for the unforeseeable future.

It's my pleasure getting to see all of your websites, businesses, blogs, eCommerce stores, etc. grow - I wish you the best of luck!

To YOUR Success,

Ryan, Founder & CEO NameHero.com