• Monday, January 18, 2021

NameHero Uptime 2020

We're pleased to announce we maintained 99.9% website uptime for the entire year of 2020 across our entire network and have made our third-party reports verifying this publicly available at the following link:

While many providers include 99.9% Uptime in their marketing, many are quite vague how they measure this metric.

Some providers consider network uptime, which means they don't lose connectivity to their up-link providers, which is not that hard to achieve as any reputable data center is going to be multi-homing (i.e. have more than one upstream provider).

Other providers consider server uptime, which is a step further than network uptime, meaning the physical server stays online 99.9% of the time, but this doesn't always mean all services stayed online (i.e. the web/database server that actually serves the content of a website).

At NameHero we consider website uptime, which means we actually setup websites on each of our nodes that are monitored by a third party (Pingdom) every minute to ensure they're online and reachable.

To sustain this claim as factual (rather than just saying it in our marketing) we make these third-party reports available to the public and have done so since 2016. 

2020 makes the fifth consecutive year we've accomplished this, much credited to our 24x7x365 Superhero team, our incident handling process, and constant server optimizations.

We believe your website should always be online and this metric is something we're committed to continuing.

Thank you all for your business and support of NameHero, we're dedicated to continuing to earning your trust.