• Thursday, October 1, 2020

Outbound email delivery has been a tremendous frustration for many Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting customers for years. 

Early in our history I blogged the challenges many users were against; explaining the number of variables at stake. 

Today, I'm proud to announce we've implemented a solution across all of our world class Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting packages - 100% free of charge. 

The Problem Emailing On A Shared Environment

Much as I highlighted in my blog post above, when sending outbound email in a shared web hosting environment, it only takes 1 exploited website on any given IP address to screw up email delivery for many others. 

While we take a tremendous proactive stance against preventing and mitigating malicious websites, it only takes 1 single WordPress plugin, theme, or other vulnerability to cause a problem.  Even with a 98% success rate, there is still that 2% chance that can cause a big headache. 

Automated Outbound Email Filtering

After much feedback, consideration, and hard work from our team, we've implemented a cloud-based SMTP relay service which identifies and blocks malicious to ensure reliable email delivery.

This way, if a single WordPress plugin, theme, or website is injected with malicious code, where an attacker is attempting to send out spam, the system will not even let the first email get sent out.  Instead, our team will be notified, where we can take the appropriate action, ensuring all of your legitimate emails make it to the correct inbox. 

No Added Cost, Extra Features Or Action Needed

If your a current Web Hosting or Reseller Hosting customer at NameHero, this has already been applied to your account automatically with no action required on your end. The system works in a way where everything is automated, you can continue to focus on your website and your business. 

For years I've always said I want NameHero to provide all the tools and features needed to run a successful website and this is another example how we've listened to your feedback and continue our mission to always be developing our services to make your life easier, saving you from the added cost. 

If you ever suspect a legitimate email is being held for review, you can always check inside of cPanel -> Track Delivery and report a false-positive.  Given our system works on machine-learning technology, we doubt you're run into an issue, but we're always looking to improve and make your experience better. 

Resellers - this is also live to all of your end users - be certain they will appreciate this feature as they no longer need to find external mail service providers. 

Feel free to reach out to our Superhero team if you have any questions or concerns!