• Monday, September 23, 2019

On behalf of our entire team here at NameHero I’m proud to announce the launch of our high speed Cloud Dedicated Servers!

For the last several years we’ve been providing these to customers through special requests, those whom have outgrown their VPS or in need of dedicated resources, but now have four standard configurations that are available for instant deployment:

NameHero’s Cloud Dedicated Servers

The setup and configuration process for these servers are nearly identical to our VPS Hosting packages with the big exception of having fully dedicated processors (more power).

Unlike a “traditional” dedicated server, these are build inside our high-speed cloud, meaning they’re not only deployed in real time, but can be scaled on-demand.

For example, you may start with the Standard Cloud only to find yourself needing a larger configuration due to increased business or resource usage. Therefore you can easily “scale up” to the Enhanced Cloud right inside the NameHero interface.

There is no migration or pro-longed downtime required. The entire process takes on average 15 – 30 minutes (longer for high disk usage) with only a couple of reboots.

Free InterWorx Control Panel

Last week we announced that the InterWorx control panel is now available on all VPS Hosting packages that gives users the ability to deploy an unlimited number of accounts.

With cPanel changing their license structure from an entire server to per-account, many customers have been searching out alternative options to keep their ROI from diminishing.

I’ve personally spent the last several months for a solution and I’m very confident that InterWorx won’t only fulfill our customer’s needs, but also in the future development of the software.

InterWorx Demo

InterWorx Control Panel Demo

If creating an unlimited number of accounts isn’t a concern for you, cPanel/WHM is still available with the different licensing tiers at a heavily discounted rate.

Fully Managed With Root Access

Back in the “old days” having a dedicated server meant a lot of work to setup, configure, and maintain.

We realize this concern and therefore provide fully managed service along with root access. This means we’ll take care of all the techie stuff but you also have the flexibility of root access to customize anything additional you need for your business.

We also provide 24x7x365 on-site monitoring so if a service goes down in the middle of the night, you don’t have to scramble out of bed to get your server back online. 99.9% server (not network) uptime is what we strive for!

Instant Deployment

As mentioned above, our Cloud Dedicated Server inventory is available for instant deployment.

Once you place your order, your new server will spin up and be online within 30 minutes:

Instant Cloud Dedicated Server Deployment

I remember back in the mid 2000s it’d take at least a week to get a dedicated server online; that was always a huge pain (especially paying for something and not having it immediately).

Migration Assistance

We know how much of a pain it can be to move from your existing web host and our Superhero team is standing by to assist!

I’m going to be releasing several video tutorials/guides on how to migrate accounts from cPanel/WHM as the process isn’t near as complicated as you may think.

But for those that would rather have us carry it out, simply submit your request inside our Helpdesk following your order. We’ll have it turned around within 24-48 hours, most of the time much sooner.

Convert Your Existing VPS

If you already have a VPS with us at NameHero, we can easily convert your instance over to a Cloud Dedicated.

There is no migration required, just a couple of re-boots as I mentioned above with adding resources on-demand. Log a billing ticket in the NameHero helpdesk for details if you’re interested!

Additionally, if you’re not quite ready for a Cloud Dedicated, you can start with a VPS and use this option down the road. Pay as you grow and completely optimize your ROI!