• Monday, July 22, 2019

Hey team,

Late last month cPanel announced a shocking increase to their licensing fee which has sent the entire web hosting industry into a panic.

Some of our competitors have announced immediate price increases (as well as eliminating Reseller Hosting packages) while others are migrating their customers to alternate control panels.

We've obviously received a ton of questions asking how NameHero plans on dealing with this drastic change.

I've gone ahead and published a lengthly blog post explaining the situation in detail as well as details on how we plan on handling. I also filmed a video to address everyone's concerns.

In summary, there are no drastic changes coming to NameHero anytime soon.

Our Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting packages will remain on cPanel and as long as you don't let your subscription lapse, you'll remain paying the same price, for the service(s) you originally signed up for.

For our VPS Hosting customers, we are still waiting on cPanel to release their billing module to be able to accommodate their new licensing structure (surprisingly they announced the change without having this ready).

Once this is in place, we'll then follow-up with details about how this will affect your account. Don't worry though, we'll give you ample notice as well as options to explore. We plan to keep things as close as they are now, but since one cPanel license no longer fits all, we'll have to make sure you have the correct one for your business.

I explain all of this in great detail here; so please read through and watch the video for full details.

Regardless of all of this, I want you all to know, our customers are my top priority. No matter what happens, we will always make decisions based on what is in your best interest.

Summer Sizzle Renewal Discount

With the cPanel drama out of the way, our Summer Sizzle Sale went live last month, and we have a very exclusive discount for those that wish to save on their upcoming renewal(s).

For those that deposit at least $200 using the "Add Funds" feature inside our Client Portal, we'll match the deposit by 50%!

For example, if you add $200, we'll add an extra $100, making your total deposit $300! This can be used on upcoming renewals OR new products/services including domains!

You have until Wednesday, July 31st, 2019 (sorry no exceptions past this) to take advantage of this special, so if you're product/service is coming due soon, you may want to use this! Additionally, since the funds never expire, you can have them available for future use.

How To Get Your Deposit Matched By 50%:

  1. You must have an active Web HostingReseller Hosting, or VPS Hosting package purchased before 07/01/2019.
  2. Login to the NameHero Client Portal and deposit at least $200 or more (max $500).
  3. Submit a new Billing ticket requesting the funds be matched (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT)
  4. You will receive a reply within 24 hours letting you know when the funds have been matched (please allow 48 hours on weekends for a supervisor to approve)
  5. Only ONE deposit per customer is allowed for this promo (i.e. can’t do $200 today, $200 tomorrow, etc.) and all added funds are not refundable but never expire.

For step-by-step instructions, including a video tutorial on how to apply these funds to future invoices, check out the official announcement.

I Want Your Feedback!

Finally, this cPanel fiasco has presented a great opportunity to collect feedback from all of our customers!

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been reaching out personally asking thoughts on cPanel as well as other options out there.

Since starting NameHero in early 2015, we've solely used cPanel/WHM on all of our hosting packages, because I feel they're the best.

With the new direction of their company, this may change, so I would love to know your thoughts! Is there another control panel out there you'd like to see us support? What do you love about cPanel? Is there a feature you wish they'd support? What do you dislike?

This feedback opens healthy dialog within our organization to make sure your voice is being heard and we're continually adapting to fulfill your needs.

As I mentioned above, we're not going to be making any drastic changes (such as forcefully migrating everyone to a new control panel) but there maybe opportunities for more control panel options (especially with our VPS Hosting).

You can simply reply back to this email with your feedback! I'll try to reply back to everyone as soon as I can, but regardless, I will be reading them all!

Thank you all for your business and your continued support of NameHero! It's our pleasure serving your web hosting needs, we look forward to a continued strong partnership!

To YOUR Success,

Ryan & The NameHero Team