Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Happy New Year! I sincerely hope this finds you having an excellent month following the holidays! 

January is a real busy month for the web hosting industry as we see an influx of new customers wanting to start the year off with a fresh web host!

I want to extend a warm welcome to everyone who has joined us recently and want you all to know how much we appreciate your business and support! 

With all that said, we still had a bunch of stuff go live in December, so let's do a recap:

WordPress 5.0 Released

The "long awaited" release of WordPress 5.0 finally went live.

This was the largest update in the WordPress Community ever as they now include a new "block editor" called Gutenberg in their core standard. 

We've been covering this for several months on our blog as many people had mixed emotions about it. 

Personally, I hated it at first, and couldn't understand why they didn't just leave it as a plugin.

Since I've been forced to use it however, I do see some benefits, and I hope it'll help achieve their goal of making WordPress even more user-friendly for some of the newer users.

I am happy that they still do offer the Classic Editor for those that don't want to begin using the new editor right away. I filmed a YouTube tutorial on how to get this back.

If you've yet to update your WordPress, you're going to want to do that sooner than later, so I also typed up a tutorial on how to do this in a staging environment so you don't mess up your live website. 

Realtime Malware Scanning

Last month we also announced an exciting new feature, Realtime Malware Scanning and Preemptive Security.

This past October I had the pleasure of having lunch with CloudLinux and Imunify 360 CEO Igor Seletskiy where he gained my confidence in his latest security product.

Imunify 360 is being deployed across all new cloud nodes at NameHero and we will continue to add to existing nodes throughout 2019.  

The software has many benefits aside from the Realtime Malware Scanning, such as an advanced Web Application Firewall, Proactive Defensive, Reputation Management, and more. 

It's our goal throughout 2019 to offer the highest level of proactive security possible. 

Existing Customer Discounts

In December, we held our annual Year End Customer Appreciation Sale

I want to thank all of our existing customers who used this opportunity to add funds to their NameHero account to save as much as 50% off upcoming renewals.

Remember, these funds never expire, and can be applied to both existing and new services including domain registrations. 

If you missed out on this sale, we will have more throughout 2019, but make sure to stay tuned to your email for these announcements. 

If you opt-out of our newsletters (link at the bottom of this email), you won't receive them, so make sure to keep them active. 

In addition, we also send push notifications to your web browser if you're subscribed. 

Get Started Reseller Hosting

The New Year provides Resellers the opportunity to get started with their new businesses. 

We actually launched NameHero in January 2015 as it's the perfect month to get things going (as mentioned above Jan is a busy month for the entire industry).

I want to encourage everyone to check out our 100% free Reseller Hosting resources as we've spend hours producing content to help you get your business started.

I typed up a summary of these resources back in November that'll help you navigate through them! 

Read Our Startup Blog

In addition to our Reseller Hosting resources, we continue to blog several times a week with guides and resources to make your web hosting experience even better. 

I encourage everyone to read our blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel as you should find the content beneficial. 

Here are some posts from December:

Here's To An Awesome 2019! 

Once again I want to thank you all for your business and partnership with NameHero.

We sincerely appreciate all of your support in helping NameHero become one of the fastest growing web hosting companies in the industry.

We completely understand we must earn your trust and it's not something we take lightly.

If there is every anything I can do to make your experience better, feel free to let me know!

I wish you all an excellent 2019 and look forward to our continued partnership!

To YOUR Success,

Ryan & The NameHero Team

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