Thursday, October 11, 2018

Fall is my favorite time of the year to work as the weather is cooling off and the kids are back in school!

It also happens to be the start of the "busy season" for web hosts, so we have plenty of stuff going on.

Have You Completed These Important Security Tasks?

Before I begin, October is Cyber Security Awareness Month and there are 7 quick things you can easily do to make sure your web hosting account is protected.

Please do not ignore this, make sure you have these tasks completed.

They will only benefit you and your business; so please take action now!

With that said, we had some important upgrades completed in September:

TLS Upgrades

Recently we just completed TLS upgrades across all servers disabling 1.0 and 1.0 leaving only 1.2 active.

Because of several weaknesses found in TLS 1.0 (and 1.1), many websites and Internet services are now requiting the use of TLS 1.2.

The latest PCI compliance standards require that any site accepting credit card payments use TLS 1.2 after June 30th, 2018.  While some are still showing a "grace period" it's likely they'll stop over the next several months.

While we only offer full PCI compliance on our VPS host packages (which requires a $25/mo PCI-DSS scan) this was still a very important upgrade.

MariaDB Upgrades

We have also finished upgrading all servers to MariaDB 10.2.X.

While MariaDB 10.1.X is still be updated, we felt it was time to move forward.

Users will find even better performance with this upgrade.

We will now begin planning the initial stages as to when we will be moving up to MariaDB 10.3.X.

Have You Been Reading The NameHero Blog?

We continue to update our blog weekly with tutorials and guides to help your web hosting experience.

Here's what was posted last month:

In addition to our blog, our Official Youtube Channel is an excellent resource to help you and your business. Make sure you subscribe for the latest!

Are You Making Money With Us?

NameHero continues to experience rapid growth throughout the web hosting industry.

If you're looking for a "fresh" web hosting company to promote, you should certainly checkout our Affiliate Program.

We continue to optimize our pages for the highest possible conversion rates and hope you're taking advantage of this program.

You have the potential to earn up to $125 PER SALE, so get going today!  Surely you know someone who needs a hosting account!

Enjoy Your October!

I hope you all have an excellent October.  If you're one of our Resellers, I highly encourage you to get your business ready for November as it's a huge month to get new customers.

We're working the rest of this month on adding some new WordPress security features, so I hope to have more of those included in my next newsletter.

Thank you all for your business and continued support of NameHero.  If nothing else, please make sure to implement the 7 security tips mentioned above!

To YOUR Success,

Ryan & The NameHero Team

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