Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Kansas City, Missouri - NameHero is proud to announce they will begin accepting multiple forms of Crypto Currency, including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), LiteCoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH), for their high-speed cloud Web Hosting packages and Domain Registrations.  NameHero was one of the first web hosting companies to begin accepting Bitcoin in 2015 and have seen a huge spike in crypto-based transactions since.

"I love Crypto Currency!  I've supported the Blockchain project since 2011 and feel like it's going to play a huge role in online commerce moving forward," said NameHero's CEO Ryan Gray.  "The Blockchain gives us the power to immediately verify orders and process transactions without expensive processing fees or International currency conversion.  Since 2015 we've accepted thousands of Bitcoin transactions and have had multiple requests to add other Cryptos."

NameHero has partnered with Coinbase's new Commerce platform that allows Instant Payment Notifications streamlining the process.  Customers have the ability to use any BTC, BCH, LTC, or ETH wallet to send their payment with the rate locked in for one hour.  Customers also have the opportunity to "add funds" to their account using Crypto where the funds will be used to pay any future invoices.

"Today is a great day for NameHero and the entire Web Hosting industry," Gray added "Crypto currency has a bright future and we're delighted to help move forward with it in our organization."

Since 2015 NameHero has became an emerging company in the Web Hosting industry now powering over 20,000 websites from across the globe.  NameHero is known for their affordable high-speed cloud, feature rich Reseller Hosting packages, and 10/10 customer service and satisfaction.  They were rated number 1 in customer service from an independent study in 2017.  You can learn more on their About Us section of their website.

How To Use Crypto Currency

NameHero's CEO has filmed a video tutorial where he demonstrates a Crypto Currency transaction:

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