Monday, August 6, 2018

I hope this finds you having an excellent start to August!

It's hard to believe it's already back to school, but it seems that how the summer always goes!

As we head towards the fall months, we're gearing up for a big new season and we're super excited to serve you! 

New NameHero Features

Last month, we announced some new and exciting features:

If you don't feel like reading each announcement, basically we're doing away with the "soft" Inode limit.  All web hosting and reseller hosting accounts will simply have one inode limit (the hard limi).  This will give you a lot more flexibility and will eliminate some of the annoying notices you may have seen.

We've also upgraded our Instant Domain Search to include shopping cart functionality.  Now, you can purchase multiple TLDs and domains in one easy transaction.  I realize this upgrade was long-overdue!

HUGE WordPress Update Coming

If you're using WordPress, which many of our customers are, you're going to want to pay special attention to the 5.0 upgrade that's about to come out.

They're going to be using a new editor for posts/pages called Gutenberg. It's supposed to make things simpler but it's a big change.

They're going to give the option to use it or the old editor for sometime, but it's always good to become familiar with the new format.

Stay tuned to the NameHero blog for many tutorials covering this large update.

Updates From Our Vlog

Have you subscribed to our YouTube channel yet?  If not, I really hope you do, as I personally try to answer many common questions I see our customers asking!

Last month, we added the following new videos:

I love YouTube as it allows me to personally connect with all our customers/potential customers and provides a real voice for us here at NameHero.  Not that "corporate culture" fluff!

Updates From Our Blog

The NameHero blog also remains very active.  At the start of the summer, we welcomed WordPress and tech-blogger Bhagwad Park to our team!

He's been helping me really incase our tutorials/content to better your experience with us at NameHero.  If you enjoy his content, please share across social media!

If you're a Reseller, these tutorials will also help you better support your customers.  Bookmark it today!

Thank You All!

I can't ever end a newsletter without expressing my gratitude for each and everyone of you!

Our customers are the reason why I enjoy running NameHero each and everyday.  It's our absolute pleasure serving you and your business, thank you all for supporting us here, we look forward to many more years to come!

If you're happy with what we're doing here, I sure do appreciate reviews!

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