Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Here at NameHero we're known for our high-speed cloud web hosting packages.

Our infrastructure has been built specifically for high availability, redundancy, and security. 

In order to accomplish our goals of this, we've always operated with two Inode (or file) limits. 

Our Basic and Plus web hosting packages were allowed 100,000 Inodes (soft) and 250,000 Inodes (hard) while our Turbo and Business packages were allowed 250,000 Inodes (soft) and 500,000 Inodes (hard).

Our Resellers were allowed to create unlimited cPanel accounts with 100,000 Inodes (soft) and 250,000 Inodes (hard).

For the last several years, we used the "soft limit" as a warning to webmasters that they need to either begin reducing the number of files (mostly old/spam emails)  or consider upgrading.

Accounts that hit the soft limit would still operate as normal until they hit the hard limit at which time they would quit writing to disk.  

Recently, a CloudLinux updated began enforcing the "grace period" for this soft limit meaning accounts that reached it were being enforced after 7 days.  

I didn't like this.  Essentially this makes the "soft limit" useless.

Therefore after much internal discuss we've decided to simply do away with the "soft" inode limit.

Going forward, all Shared and Reseller hosting accounts at NameHero will have one inode limit (the hard limit). 

This statistic can easily be seen inside of the account's cPanel.

I've recorded a brief video that demonstrates this and also explains a bit more about the situation:

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to reach out to our Superhero Support Team!

To your success,

Ryan, CEO - NameHero

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