Friday, July 6, 2018

I hope this finds you coming off an excellent June!

Within the web hosting industry, we find June is the month a lot of our customers like to take their vacation as things seem to be much quieter than any other month of the year.

This year that didn't really seem to be the case.  We had a couple of slow support-request days, but we continued our growth of adding a steady stream of new customers.

This however didn't stop us from working on many "back end" projects we've had planned for the summer months.

Our new Instant Domain Search engine is going to be debuting later this month and we're also implementing some very nice upgrades to our private cloud, which will mean more speed for you!

Google Chrome's New SSL Warning

The biggest news heading into July is Google Chrome's new SSL warning.

Effective July 1st, websites without an SSL certificate will show up as "Not Secure" in the Chrome web browser.

You will lose visitors/customers if your website is showing this error!

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers in the world and if people are seeing your site with a "Not Secure" warning, you better bet they're going to leave and not stick around to make a purchase!

The good news is we believe SSL should be free and automatic for all our customers!

As long as your DNS has propagated with us here at NameHero, you should already have a valid SSL certificate on your website ready to use.

I found it interesting with GoDaddy launching a huge marketing campaign trying to sell these.  We won't do that to you!

You can follow our simple tutorial to make sure.

New WordPress Training

This summer we've been working on ramping up our WordPress training on our blog!

Since 99% of our customers use WordPress in at least some capacity, you'll likely find a lot of value in these tutorials:

In my opinion WordPress is one of the most powerful platforms to ever come to the Internet, allowing anyone to have a professional, fully functional website, without any coding knowledge.

Our goal with these tutorials is to help you take your WordPress website to the next level!

Leaders In Reseller Hosting

We've spent countless hours helping bring new Resellers to the market and train existing Resellers.

With the growth of WordPress and the expansion of the Cloud, there are so many opportunities for Resellers of all sizes, we want to make sure you make the most out of it!

Recently, we cleared up some confusion when it comes to Reselling Hosting vs. Reselling Domains. While the two are very closely related, they're essentially two separate services, with us specializing in the hosting aspect!

We also ran an article last month on our Reseller features that allow you to oversell your disk and bandwidth. This allows you to be more competitive and offer packages that your customers need.  You can always add an additional Reseller package to your account!

Why Use NameHero?

The number one pre-sales question we get is why use NameHero over the hundreds of thousands of other web hosts out there.

I typed up a blog post and recorded a video to help answer this question.

At NameHero we live by a different culture, not focused on profits and high-ROI, but rather serving our customers like we would like to be served.

We always welcome your feedback and sincerely hope you enjoy your experience working with us.  Our customers are our only investors, so without you, we would not exist!

As always, it's our pleasure working with you and learning more about your business.

I hope you have an excellent July and look forward to your continued business!

To YOUR Success,

Ryan & The NameHero Team

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