Earlier this month, cPanel announced that version 64 has entered the Release tier.

We began rolling it out across our network last week and should have it on all servers by the end of April 20th.

The main features they’re touting include:

* New Styles For cPanel - Two brand new cPanel styles have been included in this version, allowing you to customize your cPanel experience even more.

* EV Certificates - In cPanel & WHM 64, users now have the ability to purchase Extended Validation certificates through the SSL/TLS Wizard.

* API Authentication Tokens - API tokens are the first step in revamping our remote authentication system. Easily create, manage, and revoke authentication tokens from inside WHM.

* AutoSSL supporting Proxy Subdomains - In cPanel & WHM 64, AutoSSL now supports proxy subdomains. Including, but not limited to, the cpanel.*, whm.*, and webmail.* domains that are automatically generated by the system.

* Multiple Incremental Backup Retention Points - Incremental backups now make full use of the flexible backup retention schedule, allowing you to keep as many as you like!

Demo cPanel 64

For those that are on our Shared and Reseller packages, I filmed a quick demo of these new features:

Feel free to reach out to our team via Phone, Live Chat, or our Ticket Desk if we can help!

 Monday, April 17, 2017

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